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We are pledged to assist, encourage & inspire our downtrodden & less fortunate!

Empowering Women to have a voice!

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Our Mission

Our objective is to empower, strengthen, and improve women and their families. We achieve this thru offering periodic training & counseling programs. These sessions aim on educating women in the areas of self-improvement, finance, hygiene, and fundamental child care.

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6160 Warren Parkway Blvd
Suite # 100
Frisco, Tx, 75035

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Sales Specialist: Tremmine

 Thanks for Your "LOCAL" Response 

The WEW Foundation is thankful for the local Dallas company's contributions to our organization. We ask that the community also support their efforts to stay in business in return. So please join us in honoring the local Dallas company:


(800) 333-4554

Frisco, TX 75034

Pandemic Action 

Connecting to the needs of our Dallas community is critical today! So our goal is to create coalitions with other local organizations. This is achieved by donations to fund our clothing drives for kids, food banks, and more.

Genesis Women's Shelter Outreach

4411 Lemmon Ave #201
Dallas, TX 75219


Genesis House Dallas,Tx
Genesis House Dallas,Tx


The Dallas WEW Foundation seeks to motivate Dallas women to awaken their true potential. We achieve this through periodic Zoom and Duo video meetings.



Join our team and help build a healthy, safe, and inspirational environment for the Dallas metro communities today.

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