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Women Empowering Women
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 Overall, our organization will be characterized as non-profit organization committed to empowering and strengthening families through education and validation in their efforts to raise strong, self-confident, mentally and physically healthy women and children. The foundation targets women and children who are victims of domestic violence.

WEW will provide a support network to reach out to women and their families through the community. These partnerships will be created through network parenting classes, a day care facility in-house, retail shop in-house and a help line within the facility.

When women have a network of support, they will seek assistance as specific needs or concerns arise. It is important to remember the WEW is not a counseling or therapy program. It is a referral program. The WHL(Women Help Line) contacts should be referred, staffed counselors/therapists or trained volunteers. Referrals serve as a network in order to acquaint those who seek mental health professionals and resources in the community. This is crucial for counselors/therapists and WEW. Referrals will be handled through the WHL. All information given is held in strict confidence.

WEW will host fund raising activities such as golf events, workshops, seminars, conferences and our annual WEW gala throughout the year. These activities will provide financial assistance for the foundation. WEW will also establish a magazine called Journey, a mind, body, and soul magazine. Corporate sponsors will be able to advertise products and services for their businesses and support the foundation in the community at the same time. Revisions will be made within the foundation as needs are expressed at the community level and as new developments occur within society. The participants are the writers, counselors, researchers, board members and designators for the foundation. This allows the foundation to be flexible, without losing the philosophy and quality of consistency.

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To strengthen the families through training programs, workshops; and provide assistance with supportive living extended-stay apartments.

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To empower and improve women’s self-confidence through self-development, counseling, financial assistance free from domestic violence. 

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To assist families of domestic violence with extended-stay housing and provide strong supportive programs that will build strong families.

Support Groups Division

This group was set up to Provide Relief for Distressed Victims of Domestic Violence and Lessening the Burden of Government by providing resources and aid to male and female victims, at risk children, and perpetrators of domestic violence.  WEW will provide extended stay options for up to six months which is geared towards complete rehabilitation of the victims.  This is an anonymous facility where WEW will uphold strict confidentiality for the safety of our residence. WEW’s aim is to provide opportunities for victims who want to seek help, and break out of the cycle of violence.  Our goal is to provide all of the basic living needs to our victims, including food, shelter, counseling, and job placement training and assistance.  WEW serves as a lifeline and safe haven for women, men, and children who are fleeing domestic violence.

Life is a pure flame,
and we live by an invisible sun within us.
Sir Thomas Brown

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Men, Women, and Children will be counseled during their crisis and will be given advice, instruction, and directions on how to make better judgment regarding issues such as self esteem, self control, judge of character, sense of courage, forgiveness of guilt and shame, and how to overcome self blame.  Many victims feel like they have no choice, recourse, or options WEW’s facilities and website will be used to reach out to all the women of all walks of life who suffer alone and in silence.  Children will be given It is their civil and human right to live a life free from violence and in peace.